Study Abroad

As studying abroad is an unforgettable and enriching experience, Asset | Econometrics wants to help its members who are interested in going on Exchange. This special section will help you find your way in exploring your possibilities.

First thing you need to do is start orientating on time as it can be very time consuming. We advise you to start well in advance – about one year before you plan to leave for your Exchange. When orientating, you must think of the requirements set to go on Exchange, your planning how to meet these requirements in time, and how to choose the destination that meets your whishes. Moreover, a semester abroad must fit into your study planning. Your program coordinator can help you with this. An appointment with your Program Coordinator can be made via Ask Tisem.

On the Study Abroad website you can find all information needed in order to make your choice. All partner universities open for TiSEM students are listed there with useful information on courses, housing and location. Next to this, the application process is clearly explained and of course informative and promotional events are announced.

TiSEM currently has about 120 partner universities all over the world. Curious about where you can spend a semester abroad? Check out the Study Abroad website and the Black Board Course (code FEBSAI). For events and deadlines, see the calendar on the left!

If you have any questions about going on Exchange, you can send an e-mail to