Study Abroad

As studying abroad is an unforgettable and enriching experience, Asset | Econometrics wants to help its members who are interested in going on Exchange. This special section will help you find your way in exploring your possibilities. Therefore, we made a special section on our website that will help you with various issues regarding spending a semester abroad.

Choosing a destination

Choosing the right location is very important, since you will be spending a full semester there. There are several aspects to consider while making your choice. Of course the university you will be attending is important, but there is more to spending a semester abroad than just academics. Think about getting to know another culture and the travel opportunities your choice will bring. Also different universities demand different requirements to be fulfilled, TiSEM currently has about 120 partner universities all over the world. Curious about where you can spend a semester abroad? Check out the Study Abroad website. So when you choose your destination think about this not just as studying abroad but as an opportunity to broaden your horizon.  Moreover, a semester abroad must fit into your study planning. Your program coordinator can help you with this. An appointment with your Program Coordinator can be made via Ask Tisem.

Motivation letter

When you have chosen the location that best fits you and your desires it is time to write a motivation letter. By now you are convinced about your destination, but now comes the hard part: convincing the people at the international office! A good motivation letter contains several aspects:

A short overview of your history and academic career (also include extracurricular activities)
The reasons why you chose this university (location, level of education)
The motivation for the country/city you would like to go to
Reasons why you would be a good ambassador for Tilburg University
If you click here you can find some examples of motivation letters for an exchange semester.

These motivation letters are from students who have been on exchange during the past years, you can use these as a guide to write your own personal motivation letter.


If you have any questions about going on Exchange, you can send an e-mail to