For a few selected courses, Asset | Econometrics offers guidelines to help you during your studies. Guidelines are not meant to be a substitute for the book, but as a help in studying the material of the course. Note that the average guideline is not just a simple summary of the course materials but also offers extras such as step-by-step plans. The costs of a guideline amount €3,- for members and €5,- for non-members. Guidelines can be picked up after two working days if ordered before 16.00 hours. At the moment, guidelines are offered for the following courses:

• Mathematical Analysis 1
• Statistics for Econometrics
• Games and Economic Behavior
• Probability and Statistics
• Games and Cooperative Behavior

Write a Guideline
We are always looking to expand the selection of guidelines we offer. Therefore, Asset | Econometrics is looking for students willing to write a guideline for any course not listed above. For every decent self-written guideline that is published, a student is financially compensated. This compensation is between €50,- and €100,-, depending on the demand for the specific guideline. Should you want to publish a guideline, please contact

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