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Are you thinking about an exchange?

Do you want to study abroad for half a year?

On this page you can find lots of information about your subjects abroad.

Exchange semester

An exchange semester is integrated in the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research. Students who want to graduate within three years and want to study abroad in the third year can replace the free elective, two compulsory electives/cluster A courses and the third-year course Philosophy of Science and Statistics by courses followed during the exchange, provided that these courses have been approved by the Examination Committee. An overview of the courses chosen by EOR-students can be found on the page 'Documents'.

In order to access these documents, you should log into your MyAsset account. Afterwards, visit the Documents page to see all the useful documents.

In the documents you can also find an overview with students who already went abroad. You can find their destination and the courses they followed. They are open to all the questions you have about the destination and their experiences.

You can find all information about the application deadlines on the Study Abroad page. This page will also include the information sessions abuot studying abroad. However, if you do still have some questions, feel free to contact the board to see if there are any members we can connect you with that will be able to answer those questions. The application deadlines will be summarized below.

Exchange 2024 - 2025

Below you can find the application deadlines for students wanting to go on exchange during the academic year 2024 - 2025:

  • Thursday November 2, 2023 - at 11.00 hours: first and final deadline for Fall 2024 ISEP applications, also possible as deadline for regular 2024-2025 applications
  • Thursday February 1, 2024 - at 11.00 hours: deadline for all regular 2024-2025 applications
  • Tuesday March 26, 2024 - at 11.00 hours: final deadline for Fall 2024 applications, also possible as deadline for Spring 2025 applications
  • Thursday July 4, 2024 - at 11.00 hours: only Spring 2025 applications
  • Thursday September 5, 2024 - at 11.00 hours: only Spring 2025 applications