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Committee ranking

Every semester, Asset | Econometrics has a battle between her committees. In this battle, committees can earn committee points by doing various challenges. These challenges range from monthly challenges for the whole committee, up until individual challenges or challenges with the board.

Because the board cannot be aware of everything and everyone, you must fill in a request to declare your committee points. Only the points declared via the website are valid!

At the end of the semester, the winning committee is rewarded with a price.

Are you an active member? And do you want to declare your points? You can fill in the form by clicking this link! If you fill this in, our secretary will make sure your points are counted. You can add proof if you want to, or if this is needed for the challenge.

You do not need to request points for presence during activities, the board automatically includes these points in the committee ranking.


To see the committee challenges, visit the challenges page and log-in.