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Sports Summer Competition

Are you ready to beat the calories of the many beers and BBQ evenings this summer will bring?! The Sports committee will be organizing a sports event throughout the summer. 

The competition will comprise three branches of sports:

  • Triathlon (Swimming, Cycling & Running)
  • Racket Sports (Tennis, Badminton, etc.)
  • Ball Sports (Football, Handball, etc.)

For each branch of sports, challenges can be completed to gather points. The challenges (and corresponding points) are now posted on the Active Members Instagram but can also be found below.

For each branch, a winner will be crowned separately! So you don’t have to stand out in every single one of them (but you can ;))

In addition to the performance-related challenges, we have constructed a Bingo Card. Challenges on this card do not count towards one of the branches, but will have its own winner! Creativity and effort will win over performance here :).

If you are not motivated yet, the prices may change your mind! Each winner will receive a €25,- Decathlon/Gymshark gift card and a qualitative sports bottle!

The competition will span 6 full weeks, starting July 1. Keep an eye on the Active Member Insta for weekly updates on the leaderboard.

After completion of a challenge, you get awarded 1 point. You can submit each challenge only once (unless indicated otherwise). 
Proof of completion can submitted below.

Let’s all enjoy the summer with each other and some sports. Stay hydrated!

Best, the Sports committee

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