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International Business Tour 2024

Join IBT 2024 in Thailand for a great experience!

Join us on the most exciting journey of the year, the International Business Tour 2024! This year's trip will take us to Thailand, where we'll visit two locations: Bangkok and Chiang Mai. 

We start our journey in Bangkok, a big and busy city at the heart of Thailand. Bangkok is a place where lots of business happens, and it's known for being an important financial center in Asia. It's a city filled with skyscrapers and busy markets, perfect for learning about how business works. Bangkok also has a lot of history and culture. There are many old temples, palaces, and museums to explore, showing the rich history of Thailand.

Next, we go to Chiang Mai, a city in the north of Thailand. Chiang Mai is much quieter and calmer than Bangkok. It's famous for its beautiful nature, traditional crafts, and festivals. The people in Chiang Mai make beautiful things by hand and grow their own food, which makes their economy special. Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains and greenery, making it a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature.

This trip from the lively streets of Bangkok to the quiet and beautiful Chiang Mai shows us two different sides of Thailand. It's a great way to see and learn about the country's busy city life and its calm, beautiful countryside.

During the trip, in addition to exploring various cultural activities, we'll also visit companies. This is to gain a comprehensive understanding of both the formal and informal differences compared to the Netherlands. The committee will ensure that plenty of activities are planned throughout the trip, but also enough free time so everyone can personalize their journey.

Temperature: Around 30° in Bangkok and 25° in Chiang Mai.

People speak Thai.

The money used is the Thai Baht (1 THB is about €0.027).

 A total of 24 Tilburg University students can join, including the committee members.

All interested Econometrics students can register for the IBT 2024. However, priority will be given to master's and third-year bachelor students. Here you can find the full selection procedure and all other information about the tour in the slides below.