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Day in Data

On September 19, the Day in Data will take place. This event is organized by Asset | Econometrics, Asset | SBIT, and S.A. Flow. It is a great opportunity to apply your analytical skills to real business problems while meeting potential employers! During the day, you will work together in multi-disciplinary teams to solve a case provided by interesting companies. The participating companies are SeederDeBoer and Van Lanshot Kempen

The Day in Data is a one-day event that connects students with employers in data-science and AI. The participating organizations each present a comprehensive case that involves programming and quantitative analysis in a business context. The objective is to develop a functioning solution in a limited timeframe. To this end, students from different fields of study work together in teams of four or five. After solving the case, the teams will present their results to the companies. The most creative and innovative solutions are then awarded with prizes.

During the day, lunch will be provided to the students. After the presentations, everyone can enjoy a three-course dinner. Subsequently, we will have an informal drink with recruiters from the participating organizations. Thereby, the event offers plenty of networking opportunities.

This event focuses on students of MSc. Information Management, MSc Data Science and Society, MSc Business Analytics and Operations Research and third year Econometrics students. So, if the number of registrations exceeds our maximum capacity of 48 participants, students of the target programs are given priority. We admit other registrants on a first-come basis. Hence, registration does not guarantee access to the event.

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

We hope to welcome you at the event!

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