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About us

Asset | Econometrics is the study association for all students studying the Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research, or one of the corresponding Master programs Business Analytics and Operations Research, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, and Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science at Tilburg University. It was founded in 1979 and is therefore one of the oldest associations connected to Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM).

We have approximately 750 members of which about 130 are active in our committees. These active members try to stimulate the interaction between students, students and scientists, and students and business through numerous activities. To reach these three targets, many formal and informal activities are organized, such as drinks, sports activities, in-house days, symposia and a study trip.

Asset | Econometrics is part of the overarching faculty association Asset. In total Asset has around 4500 members that are divided amongst seven departments, which can be found here. Each Asset department organizes activities for specific groups of students with a particular field of study and interests. At the same time, Asset takes care of the so-called study-exceeding activities. Study-exceeding activities are organized for all TiSEM students and are not aimed at a specific field of study.

The main goal of Asset | Econometrics is to provide services and activities for our members to optimally support them in their student life. We do this by providing study support, career events, study-related events and social activities.

Study Support

Asset | Econometrics believes providing study support for econometrics students at Tilburg University is of great importance. We currently offer study support in the following forms: discount on your study books, guidelines, practice exams, crash courses, trainings and workshops. More information on this can be found under Study.
We also perform evaluations for all courses in order to try to improve the quality of the courses.

Career events & opportunities

Asset | Econometrics offers students the possibility to get in touch with potential future employers. This is done by means of a wide range of activities organised both for and by our members. During such a career event, you can get in contact with several companies and get to know them better. For example by means of a business case or an informal activity. Here you can find an overview of our formal events coming year.
Next to these business events, we offer econometrics students more information on companies and career possibilities in the field of Econometrics on

Closing the gap between theory and practice

To offer students insight in the real economic world and prepare them for their future career, Asset | Econometrics organizes guest lectures, trainings and workshops related to econometrics. The Quantitative Investment Group is an initiative of Asset | Econometrics in which students have the opportunity to apply theory in practice by investing in real assets.

Social activities

Asset | Econometrics consists of a close network of econometrics students and aims to stimulate this interaction by organizing a great number of activities. Some examples of these include drinks, sport-tournaments, trips, beer cantuses and dinners. These are a great ways of getting in touch with your fellow econometrics students as well as econometrics students from different years.