Join one of our committees!

Published on 09 Aug 2017
Join one of our committees!

Would you like to boost your CV, further develop your soft skills and make new friends while doing so? Ever thought about determining quantitative investment strategies, organizing social or formal activities, or perhaps designing a booklet? Then join one of our committees and become an active member! 

In October new committee member can start in the following committees at Asset | Econometrics:
- (Active) Members Day
- Active Members Weekend
- Drinks & Activities
- Econometrics in Practice Day
- Education
- EOR Academy
Europe Trip
- Freshmen
- International Business Tour 2018
- Nekst
- Promotion
- Quantitative Investment Group
Strategy Day
- Yearbook

Besides these committees, it is also possible to join one of the committees at Asset:
- Asset Events
Business Night
- Food for Thought
- The Asset Ski-trip

Interested in joining one of these committees? Or want some extra information? Send a mail to