International Business Tour 2018 - Seoul

The International Business Tour (IBT) is a yearly business trip to a foreign destination. The goal of the IBT is to give econometrics students of Tilburg University to explore the (corporate) culture abroad. During previous editions of the IBT cities like Cape Town, New York, Moscow, Singapore, Washington, Atlanta and Dubai were visited. This year we will visit Seoul, in South Korea, from October 22 until November 2, 2018.

During our stay we will be undertaking several cultural activities to explore the Korean culture and
compare it to the Dutch culture. Furthermore, we will be visiting several companies in Seoul in order to have a taste of business life in Seoul and experience the differences in corporate culture. A more detailed explanation of the activities during the Tour is given below.

The capital of the Republic of Korea will be the destination of the 2018 International Business Tour. Seoul is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world but is also deeply traditional. This dynamic city mashes up temples, palaces, skyscrapers cutting-edge design and mountain trails, all to a nonstop K-Pop beat.

Formal Activities
During the tour we will visit several companies that are interesting for Econometrics students. In previous years we visited SAS, Shell, PwC and many others. During these visits the companies will present themselves and there will be room to connect with the representatives.
Furthermore a few universities will be visited as well. During these visits we will explore the campus and get the chance to talk with students about the student life in Seoul.
Next to this, the Dutch embassy will be visited. Here we will get some information on the history between the Netherlands and Korea and have an opportunity to talk to some of the staff members.

Cultural Activities
Next to these formal activities we will also have enough time to explore the city and its culture. We will visit the most famous sights as well as the temples, palaces and museums. And to top these activities off, we also have a very interesting expedition to the North-Korean border planned.

Informal Activities
There will also be time to experience the beautiful nature around the city while hiking the seven mountains of Seoul. When you are not feeling that active, there is plenty of shopping centers to discover in Seoul. In the late hours there is enough time for everyone to explore the food and nightlife of the city.