EOR Business Dinner

Beautiful location; check. Tasty menu; check. Nice outfits; check. Companies; check! We think everything is set for a night of orienting and networking during the EOR Business Dinner. Will we see you there?

On Tuesday, October 3, you are invited to a delicious three-course dinner while getting to know recruiters from different companies. We will gather at the Harmonie where the chairwoman of the EOR Business Dinner committee will open the night. After that, the companies will have the time to introduce themselves to everyone by giving small presentations. Your starter will be served while you are seated at the first company table. Before the main course and dessert there will be a seating change. This way you will personally speak to three companies that will fit your interests! The evening ends with a closing drink, where you get the chance to speak to recruiters that you may have not spoken to yet, or that you just were not done talking to. 

So whether you want to get a job out of it, or are just looking around, this evening will be filled with inspiring conversations and new connections. Make sure to be registered before the registration deadline of September 19, 15.00 hours!

The dress code of this event is Business Formal.

CV Selection
This event uses CV selection, meaning that your CV (which you will upload when signing up) is sent to the participating companies. They will in their turn choose the students they think are best suited for themselves. This means you are not sure of your place at the EOR Business Dinner until we notify you formally about this. We expect to be able to send everyone an email about their participation on or close to September 27.

Planning of the evening

17.00 - 17.30 hours Welcome at the restaurant
17.30 - 18.30 hours Opening by the chairwoman and company presentations
18.30 - 19.30 hours Starter
19.30 - 20.30 hours Main Course
20.30 - 21.15 hours Dessert
21.15 - 21.20 hours Closing by the chairwoman
21.20 - 22.00 hours Closing Drink

Meet the companies

You will see two departments of Deloitte. The Risk Advisory Department helps organizations to build trust, security and resilience to thrive in a new era of uncertainty and stakeholder capitalism. The Financial Advisory Department provides M&A advisory to company owners, entrepreneurs, corporations and private equity clients.

The purpose of EY is building a better working world. With our insights and services we aim to create long-term value for our clients, employees and society, while contributing to create faith in capital markets.

Gupta Strategists:
We are an independent consulting firm for organizations in the healthcare sector, in the Netherlands and abroad. We distill complex issues into practical solutions and innovative ideas.

M3 Consultancy:
We are a management consulting boutique. We embrace complexity and enjoy learning about the how and why of your organization. It is during this process that we come up with our best ideas, from the review of data to talking to your people.

Market Response:
MarketResponse collects and analyzes opinions, critique and emotions, and interprets them; enriching clients with valuable insight. Moreover, we can help clients apply these directly in practice. That is how we ensure that people, market and society are much more in tune with each other.

Probability & Partners:
Probability & Partners is a risk advisory firm offering risk management and quantitative modelling solutions to companies in the financial sector. We help you understand and quantify the risks your organization is facing and use these risks to your advantage. 

Veneficus. Optimizing Intelligence. Our goal is to help decision makers make the difference by using the power of data. We work with the perfect mix of magic and logic, to bring data and business together!


Note again that there is a CV selection for this event. That means you are asked to upload your CV (in pdf!) during signing up. Make sure to have a nice and updated CV. 

Not sure how to make your best CV? The university offers help with this during the Personal CV Checks. Click here to register for a check.

Important notification: In line with their policy, Gupta Strategists would like to request the people at their table to eat vegetarian. When subscribing you can select a box if you are okay with this. In case you will be seated at Gupta Strategists during the first or main course, selecting this box will mean you will eat the vegetarian option (if this was not your dinner choice already). If you did not select the box, you will get your first choice. 

All econometrics students who are interested can register! Please note that you need to be a member of Asset in order to register for this event.