Possibilities of Cooperation

Study association Asset | Econometrics offers several possibilities to promote your company among our members, including exposure on our website and a variety of activities with students.

If you are interested in cooperation with Asset | Econometrics or if you want more detailed information, please fill in the contact form on the right side of this page or send an email to info@Asset-Econometrics.nl. It is also possible to contact us via telephone (+31 (0)13 - 466 27 47).


Asset In-house Days – October 2 - November 3, 2017
The Asset In-house Days is the biggest in-house event of the south of the Netherlands. By means of a faculty wide organization all departments of Faculty Association Asset show their strength to Tilburg University, the students and the business environment.
This ensures clarity towards students, since the month October offers them the opportunity to see what it is like to work at a possible future employer. The program of an in-house day can completely be filled in by the participating organization and therefore differs for every company.
Target group: third-year and older students at TiSEM

International Business Tour – October 23 - November 3, 2017
The goal of Asset | Econometrics’ International Business Tour (IBT) is to give a small group of students an impression about the culture and the activities of different institutions in the field of econometrics in a certain country. During the IBT, 24 third year and older students will get presentations or work on business cases at different institutions. In this way, students get the opportunity to get acquainted with companies abroad in a formal and informal way. The destination of IBT 2017 is Hong Kong. In the past many great trips were organized to for example South-Africa, New York, Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul, Atlanta, Dublin, Moscow and Japan.
Target group: third-year and older students in Econometrics & Operations Research and corresponding masters

Finance Expedition – November 15 - November 16, 2017
Asset | Econometrics organizes the Finance Expedition in cooperation with Asset | Accounting & Finance. The main goal of this expedition is to get 24 top students, who are in the final stage of their studies, acquainted with the different aspects of the financial sector. The companies that will be visited are specialized in for example Asset Management, Banking, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, and Trading.
Target group: high potential students in Econometrics & Operations Research and Finance
Special selection based on CV

Orientation and Connection Day – November 21, 2017
This year the 34th edition of the Orientation and Connection Day will take place. The goal of this day is to show students what they can do with their studies in the future, as well as inform them about the possibilities next to their study and the corresponding master programs. Furthermore, organizations can show what working at their company is like.
During the presentations, lunch and cases at the Connection Track  students can dive deeper into the matter and, in this way, learn more about the organization. There is only a limited amount of spots available in the corporate part, namely one or two per master track: Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Sciences, Business Analytics & Operations Research and Econometrics & Mathematical Economics / Marketing Research.
Target group: second-year and older students Econometrics & Operations Research

Strategy Tour – March 1 - March 2, 2018
During the Strategy Tour, you will get the opportunity to show your company to a very motivated group of students. The Strategy Tour is a two-day program during which two companies are visited each day. The morning program takes place from 09.00 until 14.00 hours and includes a lunch. The afternoon program will start at 15.00 hours and will be concluded with a dinner.
Target group: students from the master Strategic Management, third-year Business Economics students, third-year and older Econometrics & Operations Research students
Special possibilities for selection based on CV

Econometrics in Practice Day – March 13, 2018
On Thursday March 13 the Econometrics in Practice Day will take place. On this day participants will attend some presentations and a case. They will get in touch with several companies, among some SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises).
Target group: second-years and older students in Econometrics & Operations Research and corresponding masters

Economic Business weeks Tilburg – April 9-20, 2018
These two weeks are organized by the EBT in cooperation with the seven departments of Asset. The EBT offers a wide range of activities which are interesting for students in all study phases. By means of, amongst others, presentations, individual conversations, workshops, lunches, dinners and cases the EBT offers the ideal opportunity for students and companies to get in contact with each other. Furthermore, trainings and several assessments take place every year in order to enhance the practical capabilities of the students.
Target group: all students of Tilburg University, mainly students of TiSEM
Special possibilities for selection based on CV

Quantitative Investment Group Masterclass – Date in consultation
The Quantitative Investment Group (QIG), existing of fifteen students, looks at the stock market from a quantitative view. Every two weeks, they evaluate the current strategies to improve these, and they search for new potential strategies and portfolios. With the help of a masterclass, you can inspire this group for new strategies. Afterwards, a drink will take place to get to know the students better.
Target group: third-year and older students Econometrics & Operations Research interested in investing

Informal Activity – Date in consultation
Asset | Econometrics offers companies the opportunity to organize an informal activity with students. Examples are an escape room, laser tag or karting, with a closing dinner, cooking workshop or barbecue. The activity allows you to inform students about your business and career opportunities. On top of that, it is an excellent occasion to determine if there is a personal match between your company and specific students.
Target group: second-year and older students in Econometrics & Operations Research and corresponding masters

EOR Academy – Date in consultation
The aim of the Training Day is to learn students soft skills. Previous trainings included acquisition, leadership and teamwork. The day is the perfect opportunity to see students work in a different manner and to elevate them to a higher level.
Target group: second-year and older students Econometrics & Operations Research

Guest Lectures – Date in consultation
Asset | Econometrics organizes a number of guest lectures every year. A guest lecture entails a presentation about the application of econometrics at a specific company. In cooperation with a lecturer at Tilburg University, these presentations are linked to a course in order to show how econometric theory is applied in practice.
Target group: students following the course

Possibilities for cooperation

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